Robert Baigrie
Robert Baigrie is a Senior Director at Conservation International. Robert’s position helps to integrate the objectives of and improve alignment between CI’s Center for Environmental Leadership in Business (CELB), the Read More
Alison Bertholon
Alison was born in Leeds (UK), and then moved with her family to Cameroon where she lived until my University studies. During her studies in France and UK, she joined Read More
Gareth Pepper
Committee Member
GARETH Pepper (31) has a restless and investigating soul that has led him to travelling around the world in search of life’s important answers, with stimulating projects calming the man-in-a-hurry Read More
Achille Yomi
Committee Member
Africa is my root and the world is my village. What I like about traveling is that I always take a little of where I have been. Further more I Read More
Jacques De Wet
Committee Member
Arriving in Singapore two years ago, Jacques was given a dose of dengue to welcome him. But since then he has adapted and now spends his time studying for his Read More
Danielle Benson
Committee Member
Danielle was born and grew up in Africa and has always felt very connected to the land, people, incredible landscapes and natural wildlife. She studied at the University of the Read More
Nicky Hayes
Committee Member
Nicky Hayes grew up in South Africa and relocated to Asia in 2004 with her husband Brett. Nicky and family have lived in Bangkok and Shanghai before relocating to Singapore Read More
Warren de Souza
Committee member
Warren is an agricultural commodity trader by profession, and has been trading various global markets for the past 7 years. He currently lives in Singapore with his wife and daughter, Read More
Jason Lamb
Team Leader
Jason Lamb has been in Singapore for 8 months and recently joined IP Global Singapore, a global real estate investment company, with a focus on sourcing real estate investment opportunities Read More
Reenen Barry
Committee member
Reenen Barry is the Commercial & Regional Business Manager for South African Liquor Company Distell.  He and his wife Ulandi came to Singapore 4 years ago. Reenen has been involved Read More