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Chris Bertish- Live in Singapore- 22 May 2018

Tickets now available online ahttps://www.eventbee.com/v/chrisbertishsingapore#/tickets



There has never before been a solo expedition so wild, extreme and hazardous that, as Red Bull, Nat Geo and the New York Times said ”Redefined Adventure!” But not only did Chris’s incredible SUP Crossing transcend the limits of what was thought to be humanly possible, it was completed for an incredible life changing purpose that directly impacted and inspired millions around the world. In Chris’s latest and most impressive talk yet, which is receiving standing ovations globally, The SUP Crossing – Go The Distance talk, Chris delivers a spellbinding and captivating narrative complemented by a powerful audiovisual presentation that will blow your audience away. In March 2017 Chris completed his most daring challenge yet by becoming the first person to cross the entire Atlantic Ocean (over 7500km) on a Stand Up Paddleboard over 93 days and 93 grueling nights, solo & unsupported. In doing so, Chris dared to achieve what most perceive to be impossible. This talk will inspire, educate and motivate audiences by sharing his incredibly captivating stories, lessons and learnings.



  • Keith Roberts: Wednesday 20 June TBC


Executive Director for Wildlife Trafficking at Conservation International, Keith was born and grew up in Africa living and working in several African States. This has given him an in depth understanding of the mechanics of Africa and an edge in achieving strategic objectives in challenging environments. Prior to starting a career in conservation, Keith served in an elite military unit as an officer. He has spent the past 22 years working in the conservation field as a Game Warden and Wildlife Enforcement Officer for private, governmental and non-profit organizations. The majority of his time has been spent in wildlife protection, managing and training anti-poaching units and countering wildlife crime and trafficking. He has extensive experience working with government institutions and enforcement agencies providing assessments, training and advice on frontline wildlife protection. Keith has received international recognition for these efforts from several organizations. In addition to working in the field, Keith has sat on several workshops and symposiums as an advisor to national and regional committees on Wildlife Law Enforcement and protected area strategy. Keith is also the CI lead within the EPI Joint-Secretariat. Since its launch at the London Conference on Illegal Wildlife Trade in February 2014, the Elephant Protection Initiative has grown into the pre-eminent partnership-based and results oriented elephant conservation initiative.


  • Annual Ball: Saturday 8 September TBC
  • Racing4Rhinos: TBD November